Egyptian cruise gallery

Egyptian cruise gallery

Egyptian cruise gallery: yowser it’s been a lot of fun down on the Umzimkulu River in Port Shepstone over the last few days. The Egyptian themed cruises and meals have proved really popular. And we are taking-away flat out as people are adopting the convenience of our app to order with. And then popping down to collect.

All-day affairs

We have had a few all-day affairs where one party of guests started with us at breakfast and coffee. Took a boat cruise all the way upriver. Came back for lunch under the mearquee. And then went kayaking with the guys next door!

And a young chap had his 13th birthday here too (yesterday). With the whole family. And whilst waiting to be served, borrowed a fishing rod from the Umzimkulu Adrenalin guys, and caught a catfish!

The thing is, it’s lovely down here. Under the tent. On the couches. Cool breeze off the water. And so much to do and see. Wildlife abounds, so bring your binoculars!



The Egyptian themed meal and cruise is our most popular product right now. It’s a neat package deal that is more like an all-day affair (as described earlier).

Our takeaway menu is easily accessed right here on this app. Just click on Menu, order away, and we will see you at the pre-determined time.

Call Ayesha to book a table.

Free delivery to guests at the Umzimkulu Marina, our neighbours.

More fun apps…

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