Valentines Cruise with Garlic n Naan at The Port Captain

Valentines Cruise with Garlic n Naan at The Port Captain

Valentines Cruise with Garlic n Naan at The Port Captain: do something completely different this Valentine’s Day, in 2022.

Valentines Cruise

Cruising the Umzimkulu Estuary with your Valentine! Something you shall never forget.

Egyptian Cuisine

And being served Egyptian cuisine: unique dishes powered by middle eastern food flavours and spices.

And delicious freshly prepared Naan Breads!

Check out the offering below. There are many meal choices for your to choose from:

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Estuary Cruise

Learn all about the importance of the Umzimkulu River system. The last free-flowing river of major significance, in Africa. Likened in importance to the Okavango Delta as flood and tide pulses battle it out all year long. Triggering all sorts of biological mechanisms along the way.

Fish Eagles. Crown Eagles. Osprey. Hawks. Cranes. Cormorants. Egrets. Wagtails. Ibis’. Kingfishers…this is a very long list and we see all kinds of interactions between the birds of prey and other estuarine birdlife that abounds here.

Otters. Leguwaans (monitor lizards). Antelope. Dassies (rock hyrax). Are amongst the many wild animals that call the Umzimkulu Estuary valley home too.

Ok, so it’s very easy to WhatsApp Ayesha from right here on this app, and chat about your meal and the time you would like to eat.

You can also go right on ahead and order the Egyptian Cruise meal from the main menu, in the Experiences section.

First cruise sets sail at 10 am!

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