Eating Healthy at the Port Captain Egyptian Restaurant

Eating Healthy at the Port Captain Egyptian Restaurant

Introduction: The Port Captain (feat Garlic n Naan) Egyptian restaurant is not just the typical greasy fast food joint that you are used to. Not at all. All the Garlic n Naan food is freshly prepared as you order it.

This does mean that our meals can take up to an hour to prepare and serve. This is why we encourage you with a ten per cent discount, to pre-order online. At The Port Captain app, which can be accessed at the link below:

Click on over to here and download/install the Port Captain Web app.

Now you can order right from your phone. Choose your time to collect or to book a table. You can pay when you get here, at which point we will award you with your discount.

Eating Healthy at the Port Captain Egyptian Restaurant

Garlic n Naan, who run the Egyptian themed and flavoured menu, are Halaal compliant. Which is already a big step on the way to healthy living.

Everything is cooked to a very high standard.

The chicken tikka meals are carefully trimmed and grilled. And the strips of beef or chicken on a fresh garden salad served on a freshly baked naan bread are light – and filling at the same time. The lamb kufta is a spicy knockout.

Casseroles include the wildly popular butter chicken. Chicken pieces trimmed and served in a middle eastern creamy sauce is our best seller, for a reason. And an Egyptian Pooitjie fusing middle Eastern and southern African traditions and flavours.

There are more options and flavours that include ox-liver and all sorts.

What’s on The Menu? And What Foods Can You Eat Right Now?

The menu is online and ready to be ordered from. It also features a WhatsApp button for a direct line to the Garlic n Naan team. For you to discuss and fine-tune your order.

Click on over to here and download/install the Port Captain Web app.

It is up-to-date and anything you find on the menu will be available. The first section is filled with our best sellers. The rest of the menu runs below that section.

How to use the App?

Once you have made your order up, Proceed to Checkout, where you can enter your time to collect. You can pay when you collect. With cash. Or you can pay with the EFT option and send us the POP. More payment options will come online soon.

Opening Hours

We are open every day, except Friday lunchtime for prayer. The restaurant is strictly Halaal. You can however order on the app, to collect. The app will let you know the next available pickup time.

We can do breakfast via the app too. We have a smoothie and coffee bar recently installed.

Other options

And we have many other restaurants and take-outs alongside us right at the Spiller’s Wharf in Port Shepstone. That offer fish, curries, barbecues and even an ice cream bar. We sell cool drinks and other hot beverages. Anything else is available right next door.

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