Eating Healthy at the Port Captain Egyptian Restaurant

Garlic Naan - Eastern Flavours and Halaal Food in Port Shepstone

Eating Healthy at the Port Captain Egyptian Restaurant

Introduction: The Port Captain (feat Garlic n Naan) Egyptian restaurant is not just the typical greasy fast food joint that you are used to. Not at all. All the Garlic n Naan food is freshly prepared as you order it.

This does mean that our meals can take up to an hour to prepare and serve. This is why we encourage you with a ten per cent discount, to pre-order online. At The Port Captain app, which can be accessed at the link below:

Click on over to here and download/install the Port Captain Web app.

Now you can order right from your phone. Choose your time to collect or to book a table. You can pay when you get here, at which point we will award you with your discount.

Eating Healthy at the Port Captain Egyptian Restaurant

Garlic n Naan, who run the Egyptian themed and flavoured menu, are Halaal compliant. Which is already a big step on the way to healthy living.

Everything is cooked to a very high standard.

The chicken tikka meals are carefully trimmed and grilled. And the strips of beef or chicken on a fresh garden salad served on a freshly baked naan bread are light – and filling at the same time. The lamb kufta is a spicy knockout.

Casseroles include the wildly popular butter chicken. Chicken pieces trimmed and served in a middle eastern creamy sauce is our best seller, for a reason. And an Egyptian Pooitjie fusing middle Eastern and southern African traditions and flavours.

There are more options and flavours that include ox-liver and all sorts.

What’s on The Menu? And What Foods Can You Eat Right Now?

The menu is online and ready to be ordered from. It also features a WhatsApp button for a direct line to the Garlic n Naan team. For you to discuss and fine-tune your order.

Click on over to here and download/install the Port Captain Web app.

It is up-to-date and anything you find on the menu will be available. The first section is filled with our best sellers. The rest of the menu runs below that section.

How to use the App?

Once you have made your order up, Proceed to Checkout, where you can enter your time to collect. You can pay when you collect. With cash. Or you can pay with the EFT option and send us the POP. More payment options will come online soon.

Opening Hours

We are open every day, except Friday lunchtime for prayer. The restaurant is strictly Halaal. You can however order on the app, to collect. The app will let you know the next available pickup time.

We can do breakfast via the app too. We have a smoothie and coffee bar recently installed.

Other options

And we have many other restaurants and take-outs alongside us right at the Spiller’s Wharf in Port Shepstone. That offer fish, curries, barbecues and even an ice cream bar. We sell cool drinks and other hot beverages. Anything else is available right next door.

Other fun apps:

Fish on the River

Umzimkulu Adrenalin

Spillers House

The Sardine News

Master Watermen

The Port Captain is OPEN on Mondays!

Port Captain feat Garlic n Naan

The Port Captain is OPEN on Mondays!

The Port Captain is OPEN on Mondays! : aside from being the only early bird breakfast in town, we are also open with our full menu, on every Monday!

As long as you pre-order an hour before, breakfast can be enjoyed at our garden marquee tables.

App to Order

Use this app to order your takeaway meal, to avoid having to wait. Our food is definitely not fast food. Every meal is freshly prepared goodness. Super healthy too!

Egyptian cuisine takes time so by using the app, you shall not be disappointed!

These are the instructions as told by Captain Hook…

Book a table

Contact Queen Ayesha via WhatsApp, or call on +27782238211, to book a table on the river bank. Under the marquee. There is a surcharge for eating in and it comes with many benefits. There is a WhatsApp button below for a hotline straight to Queen Ayesha chat it through.

Take the Eqyptian Cruise and Banquet

Since the Umzimkulu looks exactly like the Nile River with all the KZN rains as of late, the Egyptian Cruise has become even more authentic! Luckily it has calmed somewhat so we use a petrol engine to go up against the current. Then we shut the engines and drift back down with the floodwaters.


When the Umzimkulu River here is not doing a Nile impersonation, we use our solar-powered river cruiser – that can take a dozen or more. It’s a very slow and calm cruise. But it’s totally silent and we encounter a lot more wildlife like this.

Very environmentally-friendly!

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The Sardine News – never miss a sardine

The Port Captain – featuring Garlic n Naan

Valentines Cruise with Garlic n Naan at The Port Captain

Valentines Cruise with Garlic n Naan at The Port Captain

Valentines Cruise with Garlic n Naan at The Port Captain: do something completely different this Valentine’s Day, in 2022.

Valentines Cruise

Cruising the Umzimkulu Estuary with your Valentine! Something you shall never forget.

Egyptian Cuisine

And being served Egyptian cuisine: unique dishes powered by middle eastern food flavours and spices.

And delicious freshly prepared Naan Breads!

Check out the offering below. There are many meal choices for your to choose from:

Or CLICK right HERE for the MENU.

Estuary Cruise

Learn all about the importance of the Umzimkulu River system. The last free-flowing river of major significance, in Africa. Likened in importance to the Okavango Delta as flood and tide pulses battle it out all year long. Triggering all sorts of biological mechanisms along the way.

Fish Eagles. Crown Eagles. Osprey. Hawks. Cranes. Cormorants. Egrets. Wagtails. Ibis’. Kingfishers…this is a very long list and we see all kinds of interactions between the birds of prey and other estuarine birdlife that abounds here.

Otters. Leguwaans (monitor lizards). Antelope. Dassies (rock hyrax). Are amongst the many wild animals that call the Umzimkulu Estuary valley home too.

Ok, so it’s very easy to WhatsApp Ayesha from right here on this app, and chat about your meal and the time you would like to eat.

You can also go right on ahead and order the Egyptian Cruise meal from the main menu, in the Experiences section.

First cruise sets sail at 10 am!

Download our App at and receive a FREE Naan with every online order!

More fun sites at:

FREE Naan Bread! With ANY order on

Garlic Naan - Eastern Flavours and Halaal Food in Port Shepstone

FREE Naan Bread! With ANY order on

FREE Naan Bread! With ANY order on for the next two weeks, starting today the 27th of January 2022, we will be offering anyone a FREE Naan Bread – for ordering on this App!

How it works

Install the App to your Homescreen or Desktop (depending on your device).

When you first load, you might see an Add to Homescreen option on your Android device. Or on an iPhone, it’s hidden in the browser menu.

If you follow along, this installs a tiny app on your phone. It hardly takes any space and uses literally no data. In fact, it also works offline, to an extent.

And it looks so cool on your desktop!

However, you can just use your computer or device browser no problem.

1. Install the Port Captain App on your Desktop. Or open in a browser like Chrome.
1. Install the Port Captain App on your Desktop. Or open in a browser like Chrome.

Now use your phone, tablet or computer to choose from the delicious and varied Egyptian menu right here.

2. Choose your meal from the delicious Egyptian menu
2. Choose your meal from the delicious Egyptian menu, by adding to cart. And then Proceed to Checkout. NO credit card required or anything like that.

You will, however, need to select your time slot for pickup. You can also order days into the future. Otherwise, it defaults to today.

3. Proceed to Checkout and select your pick up time
3. Proceed to Checkout and select your pick up time


4. Choose your payment method cash or EFT and Checkout
4. Choose your payment method cash or EFT and Checkout

Your order will be ready for collection when you arrive.

5. Order summary and confirmation
5. Order summary and confirmation

We only take EFT or cash at the moment. You can just pay when you arrive. Too easy!

And for all this efficiency, you get a FREE Naan bread.

The App

If you accept the Push notification request upon installing the app or visiting the website, when we publish a new story or add another Egyptian meal to our menu, you won’t miss out. In fact, it will pop right up on your phone!

And from now on, every time you order on the App, something very cool will happen. We will always be running promotional opportunities for you here.

Exclusive to Port Captain App users! Or if your order on the website.

More fun Apps:

Egyptian cruise gallery

Egyptian cruise gallery

Egyptian cruise gallery: yowser it’s been a lot of fun down on the Umzimkulu River in Port Shepstone over the last few days. The Egyptian themed cruises and meals have proved really popular. And we are taking-away flat out as people are adopting the convenience of our app to order with. And then popping down to collect.

All-day affairs

We have had a few all-day affairs where one party of guests started with us at breakfast and coffee. Took a boat cruise all the way upriver. Came back for lunch under the mearquee. And then went kayaking with the guys next door!

And a young chap had his 13th birthday here too (yesterday). With the whole family. And whilst waiting to be served, borrowed a fishing rod from the Umzimkulu Adrenalin guys, and caught a catfish!

The thing is, it’s lovely down here. Under the tent. On the couches. Cool breeze off the water. And so much to do and see. Wildlife abounds, so bring your binoculars!



The Egyptian themed meal and cruise is our most popular product right now. It’s a neat package deal that is more like an all-day affair (as described earlier).

Our takeaway menu is easily accessed right here on this app. Just click on Menu, order away, and we will see you at the pre-determined time.

Call Ayesha to book a table.

Free delivery to guests at the Umzimkulu Marina, our neighbours.

More fun apps…

Eastern Flavours and Halaal Food in Port Shepstone

Eastern Flavours and Halaal Food in Port Shepstone

Eastern Flavours and Halaal Food in Port Shepstone: The Port Captain is super-stoked to announce our new all-new kitchen flavour and offerings. Eastern flavours and Halaal food in Port Shepstone!

Order to Collect

Using this super-simple and cool app/website, you can browse the menu from wherever you are. Place an order. And come by and collect when it’s ready.

Book a table

Or order right here on this app, and let us know you would also like to eat here. Right on the banks of the Umzimkulu Estuary, in Port Shepstone. Kwa Zulu Natal. South Africa.

So we can prepare you a special table!

We have a magnificent tent perched right on the edge of the south bank of the river. To protect from the seasonal sun or rain. And to host beeeg groups and events. And weddings!

Kitchen and Restaurant

The kitchen and restaurant are tucked away even more, for if things get really out of control! Has happened! But we are able to host you no matter what weather is going on.

Spillers Wharf

There is heaps of parking at Spiller’s Wharf. And for events, we can even bring some vehicles inside. We have been having some great fun end-of-year parties lately, as can be seen in the gallery above.

Click HERE to see the menu. You can call us up, or order online. We take cards.

Umzimkulu Adrenalin operate boats and things. And can have you out there in no time flat.

Spillers House offers limited but luxurious accommodation. And a family room/dorm, for budget travellers.

The Sardine News keeps you up-to-date with tides, ocean conditions and sardines

Umzimkulu Marina is the perfect family holiday spot

Fish on the River quality seafood and service for decades

It’s Rollin on the River day!

It’s Rollin on the River day!

It’s Rollin on the River day!: After an excruciating two-week wait and a dice with the weather, the day has finally dawned sunny and beautiful down here at the Umzimkulu Adrenalin building. Spiller’s Wharf, Port Shepstone.


Musicians start to assemble at noon and the music starts playing an hour or so after that. You can see the very first event in video right here.

We have a huge tent up in case of sunburn or rain!

Food and drinks

There are a lot of food options on the go for today. See our menu for today’s action.

There are licensed restaurants all around us.

But BYO cooler box and pay R20 to get in. Unless you have this app on your phone when it will cost R10 only – on presentation at the door.

Just add to Homescreen!

The big day is almost upon us!

A day pass to The Port Captain gives you access to this idyllic place

Sunday (tomorrow) at noon the action starts with Little Concerts staging an acoustic concert featuring an array of local artists. Right here at the Umzimkulu Adrenalin building at Spiller’s Wharf!

Led by Dave Marks, the sound is a mellow and fun folk and rock blend. Starting at around noon, the music will play into the evening, as per the last event, which can be viewed right here.

With a gallery right here…

The music fair will be held every weekend until January!

If you are a musician who would like to get on stage, please email Sean on and let’s get something together.

See you all on Sunday at The Port Captain!

Hello world!

Welcome to The Port Captain web app!

Install us right on your phone!

Stand by for specials, promotions and parties – as we move into the December 2021 season.

Including the Rollin’ on the River music festival by Little Concerts being staged this very weekend!

Food and Beer available! We are surrounded by restaurants and choices!

Get in touch with Sean on 079 326 9671 or for further information.

* We have a massive tent and we are now completely weatherproof on Sunday – and right through the rainy season.