Docksider Breakfast with Kufta


Beans, egg, Kufta, chips & Naan/toast



Docksider Breakfast

vThe docksider breakfast asseen served at The Port Captain in Port Shepstone
The docksider breakfast as seen served at The Port Captain in Port Shepstone.

The Docksider Breakfast takes everyone into consideration. And although the eggs and toast are compulsory, we can serve you up a mix of ingredients just to your liking. Beans, macon, beef strips, onions, tomato,(some ingredients vary season to season) – just the way you like it!

And all our ingredients are locally farmed and produced!

Breakfast right on the River

We have an outdoor eating area right on the water with incredible views. And wildlife of all kinds swimming or flying by. Fish eagles, otters and turtles and main attractions right now.

Breakfast starts early (and runs all day long – just for the late sleepers amongst us). We will send out a notification in the morning to let you know as we fire up the kitchen. This is just one of the many fun and useful reasons to install our Port Captain App right on your phone. Allow the notifications and hooray, we are in touch! You can expect one or two notifications per day. That’s it from us!

Share the app with your friends and family, so that they can also receive promotions and discount codes, right to their phones!

And order!

Yes, you can order your meal right from this App too. Just click on over to the Menu and off you go. You can select and order, and choose a payment method from a bank card to cash too. And yes we also do takeaway!




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