Falafel Veggies & Tahini sauce on Naan


Falafel and Tahini sauce on Naan: a 5000 yr-old vegetarian dish made with delicious ancient recipe using chickpeas, herbs, spices and sesame.

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Falafel and Tahini sauce on Naan

Falafel and Tahini sauce on Naan: Falafel…is a 5000-year-old vegetarian dish made with a delicious ancient recipe using a blend of chickpeas, herbs, spices and sesame seeds.

And we’re making it right here, right now…freshly every day – a vegetarian falafel meal with garlic butter naan.

Especially for vegetarians…

Vegetarians can shout out and rejoice in this meal. Stacked with all the right proteins and goodness, it is also HUGE on taste.

We have quite a few vegetarian dishes currently on our menu, with more being developed as we go.

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