Pita Pocket with Chicken or Beef


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Pita Pocket with Chicken or Beef

Pita Pocket with Chicken/Beef: Pita filled with salad, sauce and chicken or beef.

This is our lightest lunch and is designed to power you up and keep you charging on. The Pita Pocket is a light, healthy and good-to-go meal in a paper bag. Serviette. And off you go. Zero plastic involved in the serving of this meal whatsoever.

For taxonomy sakes, we have named the large version of this meal, the Schwarma Meal. This comes with seasoned seasonal sides and it’s a huge meal. You can however take it in your hands like a burger and munch it through.

Sit down or take away?

Or sit down on the river’s edge and enjoy the Egyptian flavours with the views to match. The Umzimkulu River does a great job of impersonating the Nile these days.

That all said, the wet season here in KZN Natal is surely over and it’s time for the champagne weather to unveil itself – the ocean and conditions that this place is so well known for.

Port Captain fet Garlic n Naan flooded out
Port Captain feat Garlic n Naan being flooded out this April 2022 cut-off low system

But yes we were flooded! In this last weather debacle. Days of endless rain and charging river kept us on edge. Awake. And wet.

The water came inside the restaurant and then right through the building. There were waves inside! It eventually subsided in the morning leaving a stupendous mess of mud and dirt. Which we have been at non-stop. Seems to never end!

For this reason, we encourage takeaways today. Plus, we have no water from the taps right now. We have drinking and washing water. That’s it!

But you can come and endure the hardships of sitting on the edge of the river as the waters go by! By all means.

The sun is shining and in most places, there is at the most, just scattered showers. Rumours of a cataclysmic resurgence of the same storm have finally stopped in the face of scientific evidence to the contrary. It is really unfair to sensationalise weather or bad news for the sake of hits. And this happens non-stop. Especially in careless groups with bad or no moderation, at all. There is such good and accurate weather data out there right now, you’d be a fool not to know everything yourself. In great detail.

See you down at the river!

Bring a shovel!


A few recent pics taken in and around Port Shepstone…this time of the year, in normal conditions…

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