Whacky Breakie


Naan topped with shaved beef, salad, beans, egg

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Whacky Breakie

Whacky Breakie: a full-on surprise breakfast served on Naan!: a smorgasbord blend-up of all our favourite Egyptian flavours and middle-eastern ingredients. Served on a garlic or plain Naan bread. With two eggs, this is one breakfast you will never forget.

It’s substantial but light. It’s fluffy and crispy at the same time. With hot and cold ingredients. It’s really good for you too. All our meals are prepared fresh when you pre-order, from the highest quality sources we can find.

There is nothing quite like experiencing something totally different – freshly cooked and served middle eastern cuisine right here in Port Shepstone, KZN, South Africa.

You may aswell have visited The Nile River!

Local beef, lamb and chicken

The KZN South Coast has some fantastic livestock farms and farmers. And the fast-growing conditions in the temperate climate and rich soils we have around here are greatly appreciated by all. And here at The Port Captain feat Garlic Naan, we have found all the very best sources all right here close by.

Local Vegetables

Veggies, fruit and spices also come from local farmers and neighbourhood supermarkets and vendors.

We are proud to announce that we completely support local!

Use the App

To receive a 10 per cent discount on your entire order, and to not be disappointed with a long wait, place your order with us, from the App, directly to our kitchen. Just like Captain Hook does here in the following walk-through of an order online.

You can also book a table if you would like to rather sit down here and enjoy the views out of the waters of the mighty Umzimkulu River. Use the WhatsApp button on the app or contact Queen Ayesha directly on +27782238211.

Looking forward to bringing you here into nature, or maybe even out on the water!

Whilst you enjoy your good food.


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